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Man placing bathtub in the bathroom
Learn how property managers remodel multi-unit baths without displacing tenants and causing minimal disruption. (Photo: Bath Fitter)

Whether you’re planning for a large- or small-scale multi-unit bath renovation, remodel, or even a touch-up, as a busy property manager you’re faced with the challenge of trying to add value while staying on budget and within your predetermined timeline. Too much downtime means lost revenue and unhappy occupants. Traditional bath remodels options involve messy demolition, hiring plumbers, tub and tile installers or painters, shopping for a multitude of products, negotiating prices, and pulling it all together so that it can be done in a minimal amount of time.

The goals are always to eliminate ongoing headaches for tenants, property managers, and building maintenance managers. In addition to all of the work and time that is invested in this process, you also have to consider did your choice adds real value to the property? Does the work come with any assurances if something goes wrong or break downs like lower quality tubs, reglazing options and hardware often do? Suddenly your remodel needs a remodel and you find yourself budgeting for fixes.

Residential property managers and owners already know that it can be difficult to find reliable, skilled tradespeople and reputable companies to work with on larger projects. Even when you do, they often don’t stay in business as long as the life of the products you’ve paid for and installed. In addition, many manufacturers will not warranty items that weren’t professionally installed by specified trades.

Regardless of the route you go, it’s important for you to consider if your choice solved your problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Have you achieved your objectives of not displacing tenants and provided minimal disruption? Was your tenant thrilled with the outcome and did the property see an immediate return on investment? Will the bath area be beautiful and functional for years to come?

Sink and shower area in the bathroom
Bath Fitter’s low threshold tub-to-shower conversion combines beauty and function — perfect for those with mobility issues. (Photo: Bath Fitter)

Most people recognize the Bath Fitter brand, but have you considered it for your commercial project? For 35 years Bath Fitter has been a pioneer in redefining how bathrooms can be remodeled for the best value, warranty, and installation. Their experts are trained professionals who take care of every step, from measuring the area and manufacturing quality acrylic products, to installing custom-fit watertight tubs, walls, and showers complete with hardware and optional accessories. Everything is customized to your specifications and budget, with minimal downtime and no mess to clean up.

Before & After bathroom
Before and After complete bathtub transformation by Bath Fitter. Bath Fitter.

There is also the added bonus of not displacing tenants with the famous Bath Fitter one-day installation; at the end of the day, the tenant gets a bathtub they’ll love! In addition to all of that, the Bath Fitter warranty is considered best-on-site and that, combined with the longevity of the company, provides you with the comfort of knowing that they will be around to help you for years to come.

 Ready to kick off your own bath renovation project? Contact a Bath Fitter expert and start planning today.