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Commercial Bathtub      Solutions 

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Remodelled Bathtubs, Showers and New Build Installations

Bath Fitter revolutionized bathtub renovation in 1984 with our innovative tub-over-tub technique. Our innovative process significantly enhanced the convenience of bathtub renovations for commercial application by making them quicker and easier. Not only did we pioneer a turn key solution for a long lasting bath remodel but we also perfected a system for tub-to- shower conversions and new build installations. Out team manages your project from beginning to end and everything is custom designed to suit your needs.

University facility: Bath Fitter multi-unit shower renovation

High Quality Acrylic Vs. Fiberglass 

High gloss acrylic is very durable, will not lose its shine, is non –porous and has a very long shelf life, with proper care the material will not break down and virtually last forever. On the other hand, fiberglass is thinner than acrylic, porous and bathtubs tend to lose their top gel coat over time, dulling the shine and making it susceptible to scratches and cracking. With daily use, fiberglass starts to break down and the material weakens which gives it a shorter life span. The manufacturing process of fiberglass also causes it to become more porous as it ages, making it more difficult to clean, allowing dirt and grime to be ground in, whereas acrylic is easy to clean and maintain with a simple inexpensive solution of soap & water or vinegar & water. When deciding on a material it’s important to consider how long the tub or shower needs to last.

Our Features

commercial features diagram picture


Soap dishes and shelves are designed to fit seamlessly because they are colour matched to our one-piece seamless wall.


Choose from a variety of stylish models and multipurpose showerheads from brand name manufacturers like Moen and Delta.


A great safety addition to your bath or shower remodel. Grab bars are available with a smooth or textured design and in a variety of finishes.


Convenient solutions for people with mobility issues.


Choose from a variety of sliding, pivot, neo-angle, or curved door options. Or expand your shower space by up to 35% with a curved curtain rod.


One-piece seamless watertight walls, low threshold easy access shower bases, dome or flat ceilings, all customized to fit you needs.

Bath Fitter Promise

We measure and custom make all our bathtubs, shower bases, seamless walls and tub liners to ensure an exact fit. Our unique seamless one-piece wall system means no grout to clean and a watertight fit every time. All Bath Fitter technicians are factory-trained installers, certified, insured, full time employees and our workmanship is backed by our exclusive Best On-Site Warranty. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Canada and as an AIA CES Approved Provider we specialize in extra-low threshold shower bases and easy access, ADA compliant tub-to-shower conversions which are perfect for individuals with mobility issues.

Most importantly – our One Day Installation process means residents are never displaced.

Bath Fitter Alberta, Manufacturer, Industry Leader, Small Locally Owned Family Business, National Franchise, Proudly Serving Alberta Since 1993

Bath Fitter Multi Unit remodel, what past customers have to say…

“Bath Fitters’ personnel started this project on a very short notice and accomplished the installation of the 165 shower wall covers easily within in the dates stipulated. Eliot House is a student dorm and also has permanent residents. Bath Fitter conscientiously established a work schedule based on residents’ needs and were able to accomplish the project without disrupting the residents.” Harvard University

Some of Bath Fitter of Alberta’s Canadian partners include Boardwalk, The Foothills Hospital, divisions of the Government of Alberta, Claresholm Social Housing Authority for Seniors Living and Blairmore Seniors Housing Authority.

Bath Fitter Makes Large and Small Scale Multi-Unit Bath and Shower Installations Quick and Easy

If you’re looking for a durable, long lasting solution and think a free professional assessment would benefit your company we’d love to hear from you.
  • Fill out this form to have our Commercial Team contact you.

Commercial Service Area

Bath Fitter Alberta services all of Alberta and other areas by request, including East Kootney BC & NWT. For service area information please contact our Commercial Sales Specialist at 403-720-3484 or email

Residential covers Calgary and Edmonton plus 1.5 hour driving radius around the city limits.